1-5 Employees   £300

Perfect for the individual who needs a professional look for their corporate image.  If you choose this option as an individual you are welcome to bring a change of clothes and we will work through different looks for your headshot. Session time is 1.5 hours.

5-15 Employees   £450

This package is perfect for small teams who want to create a fantastic first impression. We bring the studio to you and work through the ways that you can look your best in your headshots. This is a half day Session and will be approximately four hours.

15-30 Employees   £600

This option brings your per person cost down to just £20. We set up our studio in a meeting room or reception and employees drop by at timed intervals throughout the day. This is a full day session and will be approximately eight hours.

30-45 Employees   £800

This is our most popular package and a great choice for companies wanting a consistent brand image. All employees  visit our temporary studio and we guide them through the process of getting amazing headshots. This is a day and a half session and will be approximately 12 hours.

45-60 Employees   £1000

This package is for small to medium sized companies and we would typically be on site for two days. We set up our studio in a convenient location within the workplace. Over two days all employees can drop by at allotted times to create a headshot they are happy with.

60 Plus Employees   £Call

Please call for details so we can tailor a package to suit your companies specific needs. With larger numbers of people to be photographed we would typically stagger the time that we are on site so as to lessened the impact of leave or sickness.

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