We make your online image work for you.

A new generation of business portraits.

We bring skill, experience and the studio to your office. We set up lights, backgrounds, cameras and computers. We coach you on how to stand and hold your body. Then we put you in control, we shoot to a computer so you can see the results straight away. You choose the image that best represents you and you're done, the whole thing takes 10-15 minutes. 

Making a first impression when you are not even in the room.

You may have sent countless emails you may even have chatted on the phone but your first impression was made when your client looked you up online.

Put your best image forward. 

There are lots of things you can't control in life but ensuring that your business image is the best it can be is one thing you can.

Taking control of your online image.

Contact Headshot Happy today and let's talk about getting your team happy with their online image.




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