What we do

What we do.

We create stunning head shots for businesses who care about their corporate image and want business portraits that reflect a modern and natural image for their staff.


What is a headshot anyway?

A headshot was typically a 10x8 photograph given to casting directors to identify actors. It was just as it sounds a shoulders up portrait to remind the directors of who to shortlist for a role. With the growth of online media now everyone needs a headshot as part of their online presence to put a face to the name.

What do you do ?

We bring skill, experience and the studio to your office. We set up lights, backgrounds, cameras and computers. Then we gently coax you though the process of looking the best you can for your portrait.


Where will the photographs be taken?

We can set up in a meeting room or even in reception.  You drop by for 5-10 minutes and your all done.

When will I see the results?

The unique part of our approach is that you see the results straight away. You pick your image before you leave the session.

When do I receive the final images?

The edited images are sent to you digitally within a week of your shoot.

I hate having my picture taken what can I do?

Firstly don't panic! We understand that for some people having their picture taken feels like giving a speech or presentation. However we don't tell you to 'man up' or just get on with it. We guide you through some techniques that will make it easier to be the best you on the day.


What should I wear?

Before the day of your shoot think about your clothing choices. Clothes can unconsciously signify a lot about us, what we wear gives others clues to our personalities and character. In very simple terms a suit means formal and powerful (have you ever seen a Prime Minister not wear a suit on TV?) and a t-shirt says casual and relaxed. The look you want very much depends on if you are a politician or the owner of a surf shop.

What should I not wear?

We are glad you asked please stay away from black and anything overly patterned.

If the word 'novelty' could be attached to any of your clothing such as novelty tie then please leave it at home on portrait day.  Please make sure all your clothing covers you adequately and fits well. If you are still unsure come slightly over dressed as you can always dress down.

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