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Headshot Portrait
Headshot Portrait
Headshot Portrait
How often should I renew my headshot?


Your headshot is there to give people an idea of what you actually look like so we’re aiming to get a great image that looks like you on a really good day.  Your appearance won’t usually change that much year to year but if you now have a very different look to when your photo was taken it’s probably time to start thinking about an update.  If people start saying that you look nothing like your photo, or they don’t recognise you at all, then it’s definitely time for a change!


I hate having my picture taken, what can I do?

Firstly don't panic, you’re not alone here. We totally understand that for some people having their picture taken feels like giving a speech or presentation, however we’re not going to tell you to 'man up' or just get on with it. We will gently guide you through some techniques that will make it easy, take your mind of things  and help you look your absolute best.

How should I prepare for my shoot?


The key to getting a great image is to be a relaxed as possible, the shoot is going to be great whatever you do so if it’s easier for you, just forget it’s happening and go with the flow.  If you really do want to do some prep then there are a few things you could do just to help yourself along a bit. 

If possible try to make the day of your your photo session as stress free as possible, it sounds simple but you’ll find the shoot much more enjoyable if you float into the studio on a cloud of calm vibes. Similarly, the night before your shoot is probably not the time for a big night out, a good hangover will not help you to look relaxed and carefree. 

If you’re feeling particularly keen then you might like to try a little mirror time instead.  For many people the thought of really studying themselves in a mirror sends cold shivers down their spine but it’s an excellent exercise to do and can be very rewarding.  Stand in front of the mirror for 10 minutes and really study how you stand, how you look and how you move.  Try moving your head forwards and backwards, up and down, tilt it little, change your stance, shift your weight around, see how your appearance changes as you make subtle or dramatic movements.  You might feel a bit silly at first but persevere and you can develop a really great sense of your image, your body and an even better grasp on how you can effect your appearance with tiny changes. This is also an opportunity to consider your clothing choices.


Oh yes, what should I wear for my photograph?


Firstly, wear something that you feel comfortable in and that you think suits you. It is worth considering that clothes can unconsciously signify a lot about us, what we wear gives others clues to our personalities and character. In very simple terms a suit means formal and powerful (have you ever seen a Prime Minister not wear a suit on TV?) and a t-shirt says casual and relaxed.  You are the best judge of the look that you are going for though so it is worth having a little think about what you’re trying to project before your shoot takes place. As a rule we’d advice you to keep it simple, stylish and well fitting. If you’re comfortable don’t be afraid of a little colour either, neutral solid colours can look really great and can be an effective way to stand out, subtle clothing textures can add a lovely depth to the image as well. If you are still unsure of course you can always come slightly over dressed and then dress down..


Is there anything I shouldn’t wear?


We don’t like laying down rules and there isn’t a one size fits all answer but your headshot should be firmly about you and your image, it’s best not to add anything else that dominates competes with you for attention.  Often these images will be viewed quite small on computer so we want to limit distractions as much as possible. With this in mind we’d suggest you avoid wearing strong patterns, super bright colours or elaborate jewellery. It’s also worth making sure that your clothing covers you adequately, fits well  and isn’t the same colour as your own skin. Lastly, If the word 'novelty' could be attached to any of your clothing (such as novelty tie) then it’s probably best left behind as well, unless it’s an important and deliberate part of your image. 


How about makeup?


Much like the other advice keep makeup simple and keep it light.  Less is definitely more when it comes to makeup for headshots, heavy caked on makeup rarely looks good on camera and isn’t flattering.  A little light foundation for colour and powder to limit shine works wonders, mascara and eyeliner will emphasise your eyes beautifully and and will help to add depth to your portrait. A Matt finish lipstick always looks great too.

Do you retouch the images?

This comes up a lot and of course we do, but only a bit.  We give all of our images a little polish to help you look your best but we try to avoid extensive retouching that makes you look false or plasticised! We really want you to look genuine as well as wonderful and nothing looks worse in a headshot than the appearance of having just been sandblasted.  We will always look to remove spots and blemishes, lift the appearance of tiredness and slightly reduce the effect of natural ageing but we prefer to avoid removing scars and birth marks as they are part of your appearance, make up your character and other people would expect to see them.

Can I see the photos as you take them?


Better than that, you’ll actually select you favourite images before the session ends, that way you’ll know that you’re completely satisfied before you’ve even left the studio.  We’ll shoot a really good set of images then sit down and review them together, hopefully you’ll be delighted with what you have but if you’d like to make some changes there is plenty of time left to shoot some more.  This is also an opportunity for you to mention any specific retouching requests that you might have over and above what we would offer as standard.


How long will my photo session take ?


There is no exact answer here as no one session is the same as another. As a guide though we find that 20 minutes is more than enough for most people, long enough to get great results but short enough for people to stay interested.


How long does it take to get my image back?


We aim to get all images delivered within a week of their session although we can always speed up turnaround by arrangement if required.

Will my image be the right size for LinkedIn?

Absolutely, we can supply your preferred image specifically sized for LinkedIn and each different application that you will need to use it in, this will help ensure that it always displays well and looks impressive no matter where it is encountered.  Our headshots are perfect for LinkedIn and other online applications as they are clear, sharp, uncluttered and impactful.